JFA Yachts – Team

From the conception of the project to the sea trials

Our team of men and women has kept over the years a familial and flexible mode of functioning.  A versatility put at the disposal of our clients with the aim of coming as close to their expectations as possible, with our advice, our know-how and our experience.

Some of our associates have been with JFA Yachts for more than 24 years. This solid and stable core group, guides the new arrivals, who are motivated by the same passion – to see unique yachts created at JFA Yachts.

From the birth of your project right up to the sea trials, JFA Yachts is your sole interlocutor, taking charge of all the phases necessary to the creation of your yacht.


Frédéric Jaouen – Co-founder and president of JFA Yachts

Frédéric Jaouen was born in Concarneau. The Glénan archipelago and the bay of Concarneau are his stamping ground. He has been sailing there since he was very young. In 1987 he took part in the Transat des Alizées aboard the 14m Copain d’Abord built by Le Guen Hémidy Marine shipyard at Carentan.  There he met the owner of the shipyard and they forged a friendship through this professional adventure.   This is how he first became involved in ship building in Normandy and where he met Frédéric Breuilly.  When the shipyard in Normandy closed down, they decided to form JFA Yachts.

Brigitte Jaouen Guennec – Associate at JFA Yachts, manager finance and administration

Born in Concarneau like her brother Frédéric Jaouen, she studied languages in Angers, later integrating the ESCP with an option in communication and marketing.  She spent the first part of her professional life in Paris. In July 1994 she spent her summer holidays in Concarneau and then decided to join JFA Yachts. An advocate of human values which she likes to share, she has been able to create a warm family atmosphere at the shipyard.

Michel Siou –Associate at JFA Yachts and project manager

His passion for the sea, travel, human relations, and of course for yachts  has brought Michel Siou to join the ranks of boat builders. For a number of years he was a professional yacht captain notably aboard some of the most prestigious units in the MAREX fleet (CNB Yachts). He understood yachts as if he had built them himself….to say the least. Project manager at JFA Yachts, he is the preferred point of contact for the owners, their representatives and their captains.

Gaël Douguet – Sales manager

Assistant to Frédéric Jaouen in a commercial capacity, and also in charge of constant supervision and observation of the global super yacht industry.

Vincent Balouin – Technical manager



Loic Fagherazzi – Production manager



Frédéric Breuilly – Co-founder & Associate – Now retired – Prviously  Production Director

Cabinetmaker at Le Guen Hémidy Marine, his passion for wood became a mark of quality in boat interiors.  His versatility, his desire to always do better and more refined work led him to join in the adventure of ship building with Frédéric Jaouen in Concarneau.  He does not race on the water but prefers motor cycles and enjoys the speed of motocross circuits which he frequents in Europe and abroad.

The men and women of the design office and all the crafmen and women working in various studios at JFA Yachts, contribute to making our clients’ dreams a reality.

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