JFA Yachts – Know-how

Expertise in “bespoke quality”

For 24 years, Frédéric Jaouen and Frédéric Breuilly have used their expertise and know-how to approach yacht construction and refit by applying a shared focus: technical efficiency and on-board comfort. The design office at JFA Yachts works in close collaboration with the architects, designers and, of course, the owner and their representative. Constant monitoring of the superyacht industry enables us to propose the best technical solutions for our clients’ sailing programmes. Our team – qualified in propulsion, mechanics, painting, equipping and woodworking, are guided by project managers who ensure planning and coordination of work so that timeframes and budgets are respected.

JFA Yachts, “A Company of Living Heritage”

JFA Yachts obtained the prestigious title of “Company of Living Heritage”, and has been ushered into a select group made up of the most distinguished businesses in France. This title, given by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is a worldwide symbol of French savoir-faire. It is the only distinction given by the state recognising French businesses for their excellence and know how in industry, art and gastronomy.

The energy invested into quality has built the reputation, durability and sustainability of JFA Yachts. All the while remaining at the service of their clients, JFA Yachts have managed to exact a business culture but on a human scale.


From Aluminum to Carbon

We are capable of working all materials whether steel, aluminium (our specialty) or composite materials including carbon.


From Mechanics to Plumbing

Our shipyard has teams specialising in all types of mechanics and plumbing.

A Specialised team of Cabinetmakers

JFA has its own team of qualified cabinetmakers, artisans who still work according to the ancient rules of the trade.

A team able to design, organize and monitor execution

Furthermore, JFA has the capability of undertaking the studies needed to complete such projects. Indeed, the size and complexity of these projects require an inhouse team that can design, organize and monitor execution.